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Get organized!

By using RedRoxx Bookings you will be able to implement a flexible calendar and control the flow of visitors to your location. You can support unlimited languages and appointment types and change all the content of the web pages and emails. You will also be able to design forms, including changing which fields are required and which not. And of course our team will be there to help you get started and later on, whenever you need support.

Fast implementation

You will be up and running quickly, with a Booking System that will match your website seamlessly.

Full support

Our team is there to help you get started and to help you along the way. Small or large client, when you need us, we are there!

Get started!

Full flexibility for small or medium sized posts

All the flexibility you need to create your schedule. Whether you need the system for appointments for visas, legalization, passports or anything else, we’ve got you covered.


  • Create new Appointment Types
  • Add new languages
  • Create and edit forms and emails per appointment type
  • Our ‘Smart Forms’ will let you set required fields, also depending input in other fields
  • Group and Family bookings
  • Define identifying fields
  • Set limitations
  • Maintain blacklists
  • Keep full history per appointment
  • Define holidays
  • Make very detailed schedules
  • And much, much more!

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Unlimited languages
Unlimited Appointment Types
100 Appointments per week
Full planning flexibility
Full support
5 User accounts
1 Calendar
1 Location

You’re in good hands

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