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Ministries or Fulfillment Houses

Standardize your appointment systems by using proven technology at a very competitive price and excellent support. Whether you work for a Ministry that wants to roll out a worldwide appointment system for all its posts or you work for a fulfillment house, supporting  multiple clients in your centers, we can help you get organized, and quickly!

Multiple locations

The RedRoxx Booking System Corporate Edition will allow you to set up multiple ‘Locations’, where each Location represents a regular RedRoxx Booking System Plus. Each Location will be able to create its own schedule, set its own Appointment Types and see its own Appointments, without having access to data of other Locations.

Central Management

The central management at the Ministry or Fulfillment House will have access to all Locations and thus can monitor activity. The centralized system will also make it easy to integrate with other centralized systems, like a Visa System.

Dedicated Hosting

Together with you we will decide where to host your server. We will still be helping you out with our regular maintenance and support, or we train your staff to do so.

Dedicated Account Manager

Corporate clients get access to a dedicated Account Manager, who will always be there to help you out when needed!

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Corporate Edition

Centralized management of multiple RedRoxx Booking systems on a dedicated platform. Each Location will have access to the full power of RedRoxx Bookings for its schedules only, while the centralized management has the full picture of all Locations.


  • Create new Appointment Types
  • Add new languages
  • Create and edit forms and emails per appointment type
  • Our ‘Smart Forms’ will let you set required fields, also depending input in other fields
  • Group and Family bookings
  • Define identifying fields
  • Set limitations
  • Maintain blacklists
  • Keep full history per appointment
  • Define holidays
  • Make very detailed schedules
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • And much, much more!

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Unlimited languages
Unlimited Appointment Types
Full planning flexibility
Full support
Unlimited user accounts
Unlimited calendars
Unlimited Locations

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