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Registration System

Many Embassies and Consulates maintain a list of people visiting the host country or region. In case of calamities they know who to contact and how. But keeping these lists up-to-date presents some problems:

  • They are never complete; Most people do not know about them or how to subscribe
  • They need to be cleaned up regularly; People staying in a country for longer will not inform you when they do leave.

As a result your team needs to spend time regularly trying to clean up the list and when you really need it urgently, you still do not know who is in the country and who is not.

The RedRoxx Registration System solves this issue. People can easily subscribe online and communicate with the tool when they are leaving or extending their stay. This way you will have a much more adequate overview of who is in the country at what time. It even allows you to communicate from within the system using text messages.

Save time

Let people register themselves and let the system take care of cleaning up the list for you.

Fast contact, full report

From within the tool, send email or text messages to the people in the country at that moment of time. Get an actual list of your fellow countrymen in your host country or region at any time.

Get started!

You’re in good hands

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